Raising Fitness Raising Funds

Red Rover Fitness is excited to share with you a different approach to help schools conquer two major obstacles that they are faced with today: raising the fitness levels of our children and raising funds for schools’ needed programs and materials.


What We Offer

After School Programs and Leagues

Kids love our after-school programs! Fifty minutes of exercise can be daunting, but through our program, they don’t even notice they are breaking a sweat. When the workout consists of relay races, chasing frisbees, playing Capture the Flag and Sharks and Minnows, they think they are just having fun and don’t realize that their heart rates have been elevated for almost an hour! Along with increasing their fitness levels, they will be prepared to represent their school in a weekly competition against other area schools in fun leagues of Cross-Country Running, Ultimate Frisbee and Obstacle Course racing. It is a recipe for kids forming a healthy relationship with fitness. Our after-school programs & leagues come in three sessions. Click on the tab for more information.

This session runs from September to October and is associated with a league that has weekly races. Classes will include running workouts, total body exercises, and games as well as coaching on race strategy and proper running form.
This session runs from January – February. Ultimate frisbee is offered to grades 4-8 and will have a league that has weekly competitions. Kids will learn the basics of an ultimate frisbee game and learn how to play in a competitive setting. Red Rover Kids is offered to grades K-5 and is a fun, non-competitive setting where kids learn the basics of exercise through activities and games.  
This session runs from March to May and is associated with a league that has weekly races. The class includes total body workouts, obstacle strategy and lots of games to get them ready to compete in obstacle course races.
  • League competition for each season directed by Red Rover.
  • Licensed and insured.

Teachers as Coaches

  • School will identify possible candidates for the coach. Candidates need to be positive and happy and a background in athletics is preferred.
  • School will need to provide 2 CCSD certified volunteers to assist in the program (will receive comped entries for their children who participate)
  • Trained and supported by Red Rover.
  • Daily curriculum provided by Red Rover.
  • Equipment provided by Red Rover.
  • Paid a competitive wage.

Personalized Fundraiser Race

In conjunction with participation in our after school programs, Red Rover Fitness wants to offer a personalized “fun run” that your school can use in multiple ways. You can put on a fundraiser, use it as a thank you or prize for academic or other achievements, or create an end of the school year Field Day. Here are the most popular elements of this race experience. Click on the tab for more information.

Our professional events staff comes in and sets up the course and makes sure that the event is run safely and smoothly. Schools do not have to do anything for the race except provide volunteers for race day.
This is an exciting day for the school and one that will have a major effect upon its ability to continue to provide a quality educational experience. You should be the face of that experience for your students and parents to further bond with your work and vision. Schools can choose how big or small they want the race to be i.e. sponsors, fundraising, advertising, raffles, etc.
We have multiple obstacles and stations that schools can choose from to create their own specialized race. These include apex walls, foam pits, color stations, tunnels, and much more!
Website, online registration and fundraising consulting services are provided by our staff. Red Rover can also provide event shirts. 
We appreciate you supporting the after school programming efforts of Red Rover throughout the rest of the year. The event fee is a fixed rate based on the type and quantity of obstacles in your race. If schools participate in our after-school programs and bring in a minimum of 40 participants for each session, they receive a discounted rate. We DO NOT take a percentage of the funds raised!

If you are not interested in implementing the after-school programming, but would still like to bring an event to your school, this is also an option, but the discounted rate would not apply.

Please contact for specific pricing.