Fitness is FUN!  

The foundation of a lifelong love of health and fitness should begin with a smile 

What kinds of things do we do?

Cross Country, Obstacle Course Racing, Tons of Games! Our after-school programs are helping kids associate fun with fitness. Click here for more information…
Are you ready for a summer of fun? Check out our awesome summer camps to keep your child sweating and smiling throughout the entire summer. Click here to find out more…
Raise more money for your schools! Click here to find your school’s fundraiser
Cross Country Meets, Obstacle Course Races, Community Events! Sign up your kids for an event that is tons of fun! Click here to see our events…

Raising Fitness Raising Funds

Are you interested in bringing a Red Rover program or fundraiser to your school? Click here to learn more on what we do and how we are helping schools fix two of the biggest problems they face today.

Red Rover Fitness

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