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Fitness is FUN!  

The foundation of a lifelong love of health and fitness should begin with a smile 



What kinds of things do we do?

  • The Slurpee Challenge

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After-School Programs


Our goal at Red Rover Fitness is to not only come into the schools and give the kids a fun experience, but more importantly, we want to provide kids with a consistent reminder of the advantages of leading a fit-focused life. Our programs are based on regimented curriculum that include fun, fitness elements, positive self-image, self-accomplishments, and healthy eating habits. Ultimately at the end of each child’s experience if they come away sweating and smiling, we have succeeded!



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Summer Programs

 We offer multiple fitness classes for kids during the summer to burn off some of that energy! From game centric groups for your tots and elementary students to advanced training sessions for your more serious middle and high school athletes, we have something for everyone that will leave your kid of any age sweating and smiling!


Ages 3 1/2 – 5.

Locations at Mesa Park

Red Rover Kids

Ages 6-12.

Locations at Mesa Park

Speed Agility Quickness

Ages 12-18.

Locations at Mesa Park


Adult Programs


Are you looking for a fun and unique new workout? Come join us for our group fitness classes and running clubs where the synergy of the group gets you through a workout and gets you in shape by doing all sorts of fun and crazy things!

Outdoor Group Fitness

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Running Club

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Contact Us

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