March 9, 2015 Kristin Melver

Monday Memorization – Why Fit In?

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Dr. Seuss

Welcome to March and Dr. Seuss month! We will have 4 Dr. Seuss quotes over the next 4 weeks to inspire you in your fitness journey. This first week is: Why fit in when you can stand out? (Don’t forget to check out the cool, corresponding print below done up by my little sister and her blog, Kiki & Company). I know we think we should be more concerned with our teenagers when it comes to “fitting in”, but the numbers don’t lie, it is not limited to the teenage demographic!

  • 68.8% of Americans are overweight
  • 80% of Americans don’t work out the recommended 2.5 hours per week
  • 57% of Americans eat out weekly

And these numbers aren’t the ones we want to fit in to. This is not about guilt, just a matter of numbers, and asking yourself whether you “fit in” or “stand out” with some of these simple statistics. I am not asking you to be a fitness model or a marathon runner, but simply challenging you to make ‘today the day’ you decide to follow the Redline slogan and “dare to put your foot down”. Dare to make a couple careful course corrections. Start with exercising 3 times a week (we can help you with this one!), or committing to sign up for a race, or starting to eat breakfast or deciding to pack a lunch instead of go out, or packing a couple snacks instead of going into lunch and dinner starving. Try one thing that you have wanted to work on for awhile and do that for a couple weeks and when you feel the difference, add another. After challenging yourself to do these things, you will be standing out in no time!


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