Making Fitness Fun Again

Outdoor Group Fitness

More info...
  • Are you a kid-at-heart looking for a fun workout routine?

    Well, everything we need to know about fitness, we learned in kindergarten.

Group Fitness focuses on strengthening your core through the use of body weight exercise routines coupled with a strong cardio element all through fun and creative workouts.

What kinds of things do we do?

  • Bear Crawls

It’s Also:

  • A fun, challenging group atmosphere.
  • Where all fitness levels are welcome.
  • 4 Workout Sessions per week.
  • Monthly PT Tests.



$120 per month, payment is due by the 5th  



Session Dates

  • Sessions start on the 1st Monday of the month


  • Monday thru Thursday
  • 5:00 am


  • The Mesa Park
  • 5401 S Town Center Dr
  • Las Vegas, NV 89135


  • A Running Only option is available for those who want to enhance their training through our Tuesday and Thursday workouts. Running/speed workouts are provided and administered during the Outdoor Group Fitness class.


Class Notes

  • You can bring a water bottle for before and after, but we will not take water breaks during class.
  • Use common sense vs. process discovery for before/after food consumption. If you are unsure on this, I can provide you with some examples.
  • Please provide your cell phone in the registration as I like to text with last minute information about class.

Recommended Equipment But Not Required


  • Group fitness pushed me to achieve fitness goals that I never thought would be possible as an adult. Josh pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and to challenge yourself to be better. And it’s just FUN!!

  • I find it hard to motivate myself but with group fitness Josh made it fun and mixed it up. I changed my lifestyle and experienced tremendous change in my fitness.



Registration is now open.

Outdoor Group Fitness

One Month
Monday thru Thursday

Outdoor Group Fitness

Monday thru Thursday

Outdoor Group Fitness - Running Only

One Month
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Outdoor Group Fitness - Running Only

Tuesdays and Thursdays