March 25, 2015 Kristin Melver

Workout Wednesday – Super Duper

Dr. Seuss – Week 2

Happy Wednesday Y’all!!  I’ve prepared a great leg workout for you to conquer today. You will need a jump rope and some stairs to complete the workout. The stairs could be inside or outside and will influence your workout depending on their size. Make sure you get some good protein in 30-45 minutes after the workout so you can walk tomorrow!

Have fun with this one!


Here is the workout:

Do each exercise for 1 minute.
Do the set 4 times.

The Set

•    Legs: Lunge Jumps
•    Stairs: 2 Foot Hop

•    Legs: Ohno’s
•    Stairs: Single Step Run

•    Legs: Jump Rope
•    Stairs: Single Leg Hop (do right leg on 1st set, left on the 2nd, right on the 3rd, left on the 4th)

•    2 Minute Intense Run

-repeat 3 more times

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